Footballer Plays Calcutta League Match Hours After Father’s Death, Wins Hearts


Late last year, India’s fast bowler Mohammed Siraj was in the middle of the series against Australia when he received the tragic news of his father’s death. However, the young man decided to stay back with his team and continued to play in the series owing to Covid-19 restrictions.

Kolkata Maidan witnessed something similar, on September 13, when a young football player, Akash Mukherjee, received the news of his father passing away during a match of the ongoing Calcutta Football League. However, he stayed put and kept playing his team. To make matters even grimmer, Akash suffered an injury during the game, but despite this, he did not abandon his side. Only when his side won the game did he proceed to the crematorium to perform the last rites of his father.

Akash’s side Peerless beat Tollygunge Pioneer 6-0 in the game and his commitment to the side made everyone around him appreciating this young Bengali footballer’s immense courage and patience.

Peerless was taking on Tollygunge pioneer at East Bengal ground. However, Akash had lost his father at 8 in the morning, but despite this, Akash turned up and played a pivotal part for Peerless.

Akash took charge of the defence for the side, and his side was dominant right through the game and at one point, his side pulled away 6-0 when Akash clashed with the striker and fell down on his hand. Even after this incident, he came on the field and only when the match ended he headed to the crematorium.

Kolkata football fans are fascinated by the mental strength of the young man and his responsibility towards the team. Perhaps, his father would be proud of his son’s commitment and honesty towards the game and his team.

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