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newspaper article

After leaving the conversation with Harrison, I turned my thoughts to the paper article he showed me. I pulled up a news site that provided information about the new college but I was baffled. The article was describing how she was conducting a survey on how the homeless were surviving.

Did she mean it was a newspaper article?
My eyes zoomed in on the headline, “Why the Homeless Don’t Have To Reject the Help They Need” and I read the article carefully. She was describing one homeless person named Harold.
I read his story and I was surprised by how well it described my mother. How much she loves to read and enjoy her newspaper articles. How much she enjoyed volunteering at her church and her city. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. I could write an article and get it published in her newspaper.
How could I write it, how could I make it factual and accurate? What could I write about my mother’s life that she would accept?

More importantly, what could I write that would satisfy my mother’s desire for a newspaper article?
I called her the next day and asked her if I could write it for her newspaper. She said yes and to get it written for her soon.
Once again I turned my attention to how I would write the article. To start, I had to figure out what my mother’s hobbies and interests were.

What would I write about?
Doing the dishes? Making my bed? Keeping up with a dirty house?
I wrote about how she loved to clean her house but that some days she wasn’t in the mood. How she would do it anyway. She would make it a point to get the house cleaned up for the weekend.

If I could write the article on my mother, then my whole article would become more detailed and more detailed would be better. It would become more relatable and my entire article would become more interesting and relatable to others.

I wrote a draft of what I wanted to write about my mother and submitted it to my editor at the newspaper.
I had started on my very own newspaper article that would make my mother proud. I had found a way to satisfy my mother’s desire to write a newspaper article.

My article was written and my article was published.

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