How will the investors of the project earn money

How will the investors of the project earn money? They are it today. e two ways. The first way is to sell your stake in the company at a higher price

than you are paying for The fact is that today you can buy a stake in the company at a much lower price than its potential face value. This is the so-called discount that you get on the purchased investment shares. In other words, today you can buy cheap something that will cost much more after the project is implemented.

The project is divided into 20 stages, each stage offers a different discount on the investment shares. With each stage, the project completes several tasks that bring it closer to implementation, consequently, the risks are reduced, so is the discount. For example, at stage 10, you can buy more investment shares than at stage eleven by investing the same amount. After the completion of funding, “SovElMash” will carry out a share offering, in other words, it will issue shares, and all the investors will have the opportunity to exchange their investment shares for “SovElMash” shares. After the investors become the shareholders of “SovElMash”, an IPO is planned. It is a procedure of the company launching its shares on the stock market and allowing the investors to sell their stake in the company in the course of the IPO and earn a profit from their investments. Of course, no one is forcing you to sell your stake in “SovElMash” at the first opportunity.

This is your private property, you can give it to someone as a gift, pass it on by inheritance, or keep these shares and capitalize your stake. After all, shares of any successful company always tend to grow in value. And if you don’t sell your stake in the company, then you can claim the second type of income from your investment — dividends. The company “SovElMash” plans to pay rather generous dividends. 50% of all the profit distributed to dividends will be paid to all those investors who support the project today. Dividends are a great way to earn passive income for years to come, and your stake in the company will continue to capitalize and grow in value. Of course, no one can tell you today

how much “SovElMash” will cost in 20 or 30 years, but we can look at the examples existing in the world today to understand the potential of such an investment. For example, the shares of Google we all know have grown 10 thousand times over the past 16 years, and the shares of Apple have grown more than 68 thousand times over the past 38 years. Now looking at these companies, we understand that they are the leaders in their areas and wonder why people did not buy Apple shares 30 years ago. But, in reality, it was not obvious to everyone, some people did not believe that a personal computer would be in every home, but some believed in the potential of this company, helped it find its feet, and also invested in Apple shares as soon as the opportunity arose. And, of course, today they are very wealthy people who have made their capital by investing in shares. If you are interested in learning more about the “SovElMash” innovative center, the project “Duyunov’s motors”, and the combined winding technology, visit our official website. The link is provided below this video And also subscribe to our channel not to miss the next videos.


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