India corona case live updates

India score with short continue to show improvement day with the country recording 1.06 lakh cases which is a drop of the Saints from yesterday 14 14 lakh infections

Total corona cases are seen in India

cases         Recovered           Deaths

2.91Cr       2.75Cr                   3.54L

that was reported to be the lowest in 2 months now stands at 2.8 crore for more than 23 crore vaccine doses cabinet ministers of or in a country on the Mega inoculation plan our state considered to be sure to back scenes Michael excretory 2020 life in the numbers may be decreasing in terms of covid cases in tests but how is set in the service of vaccination tried as concerned numbers like me better in comparison to the kind of crisis that we were seen in the last two weeks of April compared to that the number the much better now are therefore not at 4000 at about 2400 right now but because of the vaccination front we still need a lot more improvements have been carrying out anyway between 25 to 30 lakh vaccination Pade but there are still several states

that are facing example in Delhi for the 8244 age groups are there with Delhi government does not have any vaccine stock at this point of time are the only stocks that are available with private hospitals at this point of time so a lot of people who cannot afford to pay for the vaccines people from the backward economic classes they are facing difficulty in getting vaccinated at this point of time at the much government school where one could get vaccinated for free all of that system has collapsed due to the shortage of vaccines so that vaccine availability is still to be replenished based on the kind of promises

that the center has made that in June and July more stocks a vaccine should be coming and so that is still awaitedReports suggest that coronavirus originated in Allah and several such reports and now come to light that is a search of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi IIT Delhi that’s recent researches that the possibility that covid-19 originated in a lap cannot be ruled out this paper was published in journal earlier but it was withdrawn under pressure because of mounting Naturals ringtone to clean the virus similarity with HIV stream paper findings into construction stories and watch your is due to which it had to be taken down

Relief in Corona cases in India

India first structure PS Venkateswara Rao consultant surgeon has interacted extensively with this team of researchers who at this point of time at IIT Delhi are not coming out and dr. Rao why are there any doubts about the natural origin of the coronavirus what came out of interaction with the research team morning show their study in which they studied the genomic sequence which has been released

January last year by China what was then called a novel coronavirus display coronavirus to them for insert in Publication the Habit picture also demonstrated that there were four inserts which was not from any other coronavirus clay that has been naturally transferred from one coronavirus to another ok and when they started looking at where is non-coronavirus is they found that matched the sequences in AIDS virus virus virus transfer naturally into this coronavirus


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